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Thanks for visiting our website! Mac and Jenny here along with our pup Disco.  Over the past 4 years we've gone from zero to sixty in terms of sailing experience. We bought  Maya in 2017 and have spent the last few years refitting her and taking 2-3 month cruises around British Columbia's Vancouver Island. When not cruising we've been working and saving up to cast off the lines for good in 2021 with no end date in sight! First stop ALASKA! We'll share all our triumphs and struggles along the way while navigating this new path of complicated simplicity. In the end, cruising for us is not just a trip it's a lifestyle. We love being able to bring our home with us anywhere in the world, immerse ourselves in rugged wilderness, experience wildlife encounters on a National Geographic scale all while constantly learning something new everyday. Follow along on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Join us!


Meet The Crew



An electrical engineer by trade Mac now after several years of boat ownership has evolved into a "jack of all trades". Loves coffee and a good project and the combination of the two produces results! He also has a knack for always seeming to figure out the most perplexing of problems which is extremely helpful living aboard a sailboat with it's many systems.



Curious and eager to learn new things Jenny is usually found at the helm or with a fishing rod in hand. She loves figuring out navigation and logistics to the next destination. With a pharmacy and science background she is always exploring the natural world and never misses a chance to open up a fish belly to discover what they've been feasting on or figuring out how to cook up a dish using sea beans gathered from shore.



Lover of balls, frisbees, sticks, pinecones, really anything that you're willing to toss for her. Always eager for the next shore adventure Disco keeps us fit and on our toes. Her athleticism suits boat life as she gets up and down the from the dinghy and cockpit with ease. She is extremely loyal and has boundless energy. She is affectionately referred to as our little honey badger. 



Maya is a 1980 Alberg 37 foot sloop rigged full keel sailboat. We purchased her in 2017 in Seattle and brought her to Anacortes, WA which has been home base for the past few years. The previous owner did multiple upgrades before we purchased her and we have continued with the refit since then. For more details on those upgrades click the link below. 

maya outline.png
maya outline2.png



Year Built: 1980

LOA: 37′ 2″

Length of Water Line: 26′ 6″
Beam: 10′ 2″
Draft: 5′ 6″
Displacement: 16,800 lbs.
Ballast: 6,500 lbs.
Fuel: 45 US. Gal
Year Introduced: 1967

Length Overall: 37′ 2″

Sail Area, Sloop: 646 sq.ft.

Water: 70 US Gal.

Designer: Carl Alberg

Built: 1980

Year Ended: 1988


Builder: Whitby Boat Works (Canada)


The Details:

Hull / Deck

  1. Solid GRP hull, encapsulated ballast, full keel/cutaway forefoot

  2. Through Hull Fittings (4)

    1. Engine water intake:  Under cabin sole immediately forward of companionway ladder on port side

    2. Galley sink drain: Starboard side main cabin

    3. Head sink drain:  Port side just forward of mast

  3. LED running lights


  1. Mast (custom built by PT Rigging in 2011)

    1. Height (from water): 50' safe clearance

    2. Mast is keel-stepped

    3. Internal run halyards:  main, foresail, staysail, spinnaker,

    4. Electrical/Instruments: gWind anemometer, mast top light, spreader lights, foredeck light

    5. Single spreader

    6. Inner forestay and running backstay tangs

    7. Winches: Port and starboard primaries with clutches, aft for reefing lines and outhaul

    8. Reef-able lazy jack system (from PT Rigging)

  2. Seldon boom (custom configured by PT Rigging in 2011)

    1. End-boom sheeting

    2. Soft boom vang: lead aft to cockpit

    3. Internal lines with quad stopper at gooseneck:  Reefing (1st=blue, 2nd=red), Topping Lift (white/gold), Outhaul

  3. Spinnaker pole (PT Rigging mount on mast with infinite loop system to deploy/stow)




  1. Main (Lidgard - full batten, loose foot, Strong Track, 2 reef points; Hasse maintenance in 2011)

  2. Jib (Hasse new in 2011)

    1. 125% with 2 reef points; foam luff pads; Sunbrella sun guard strip

    2. Profurl roller furling

  3. Asymmetric spinnaker (with sock)

  4. Other sail inventory: old main, laminate main, 100% hank-on jib

Engine and propulsion systems

  1. Beta Marine 30hp (Beta30 installed new in 2012)

    1. Down angle TMC60A transmission w/ 2:1 RGR

    2. Upgrade C Instrument Panel (tachometer, oil temp, oil pressure, start, kill)

    3. High rise exhaust with cross-over

  2. Propeller shaft: 1"stainless steel

  3. Campbell Sailor Propeller:  three blade, Right Hand rotation, 13" diameter, 9" pitch, 1" shaft 

  4. Dripless propeller shaft bearing

  5. Fuel consumption: 0.5gph at 5.5kts, 0.75gph at 6.2kts


Fuel systems

  1. Primary diesel tank (aluminum, 35 gal) under cabin sole

    1. Vent through desiccant system on aft cockpit coaming (starboard side)

    2. Deck fill plate on starboard side

    3. Dip stick for level monitoring

    4. Primary tank and fuel scrubbed 2023

  2. Secondary diesel tank (aluminum, 10+ gal) under cabin sole 

    1. Commissioned in 2015; transfer pump (2gal/min) under settee next to house batteries with toggle switch

    2. Deck fill plate port side

    3. Vent through desiccant system on aft cockpit coaming (starboard side)

  3. Filters:  Racor primary , 2micron  secondary (engine mount)


Steering systems

  1. Edson wheel steering (wheel chain to cable to rudder post)

  2. Tiller steering backup 

  3. Autopilot Autohelm 4000 (bridge deck mount)

  4. Monitor wind vane steering 


Navigation and electronic systems (all new 2012-5)

  1. Ritchie DNW 200 Navigator Compass (at binnacle)

  2. Garmin 4210 Chartplotter/GPS: mounted at binnacle in NavPod (chart display with GPS, radar, sonar overlays)

  3. Garmin GMI20 digital display: mounted on forward bulkhead of cockpit (display wind, speed, depth)

  4. Garmin HD 18" radar (ScanStrut gimbaled mount on backstay)

  5. Garmin/Nexus gWind anemometer, Garmin/Airmar B45 depth/temp transducer, Garmin GSD22 Sonar Blackbox, Signet knot meter transducer

  6. Garmin GXM52 Satellite Weather Antenna/receiver


Communication systems

  1. VHF transceiver:  ICOM M502

  2. Iridium Satellite Phone- utilizing RedPort Optimizer for weather data in remote locations

  3. Automatic Identification System (AIS)- Vesper Maine XB6000


Electrical systems

  1. 12 volt

    1. House Batteries: 3 100AmpHr Battleborn 12v Lithium Batteries

    2. Starter: Lifeline 12V AGM Starter Battery

    3. ProNautic 1240P 40 amp Digital "Smart" Battery Charger

    4. Balmar 170 Amp Alternator

    5. Inverter:  700 Watt Victron Inverter

    6. Blue Sea rotary battery switches 

    7. Victron Battery Monitor

  2. 110 v system (shore power)


Ground tackle

  1. Primary Anchor

    1. Rocna 20

    2. Oversized Mantus Swivel

    3. Rode specs: 400' total (220' 5/16 BBB chain, 180' line; marked every 50')

    4. Mantus Bridle System

  2. Stern anchor

    1. Fortress FX-23

    2. Rode specs:  270' total (20' 5/16" high test chain; 250' 5/8" nylon braid line)

    3. Stowed under cabin sole at mast step

  3. Windlass: Lofran Tigres (electric 12 v); foot switches by windlass on foredeck



  1. Adler-Barbour CU-200 Super Cold Machine condenser (mounted on bulkhead in starboard lazarette)

  2. Adler-Barbour evaporator unit 

  3. Refrigerator box

  4. Dickenson Mediterranean 3 burner propane stove/oven

  5. Engel MT27UF-1 Fridge Freezer


Plumbing systems

  1. Water tanks

    1. Total capacity:  70 gallons

    2. Two tanks: primary (aluminum, ~45 gals) under cabin sole; secondary (aluminum, ~25 gals) under forepeak bunk

    3. Port-side deck fill plates

    4. Dual filter system on fill hoses (stowed in port lazarette)

  2. Lines/service

    1. 1/2" lines from each tank to manifold and from manifold to each of two sinks

    2. Manifold under port settee: ball/cock valves for flow from each tank; ball/cock valves for flow to each of two sinks (galley, head)

    3. Manual foot pump at galley sink.

  3. Head: 

    1. Composting head (Nature's Head) installed 2012

    2. Solar active vent on coach roof (port side by mast)

    3. Through-hulls from original head removed (2013)

    4. 10+ gal waste tank recommissioned as aux diesel tank 2015 



  1. A bright red Portland Pudgy- you can't miss it.



  1. PFDs

  2. Life Line (throwable): stowed on stern rail

  3. Fire Extinguisher Type B-II Several onboard

  4. Flares

  5. Horn

  6. Bilge pumps: automatic in bilge, manual (Whale) in cockpit by helm

  7. Deck plates to seal all dorade vents

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