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Thanks for visiting our website! Mac and Jenny here along with our pup Disco.  Over the past 4 years we've gone from zero to sixty in terms of sailing experience. We bought  Maya in 2017 and have spent the last few years refitting her and taking 2-3 month cruises around British Columbia's Vancouver Island. When not cruising we've been working and saving up to cast off the lines for good in 2021 with no end date in sight! First stop ALASKA! We'll share all our triumphs and struggles along the way while navigating this new path of complicated simplicity. In the end, cruising for us is not just a trip it's a lifestyle. We love being able to bring our home with us anywhere in the world, immerse ourselves in rugged wilderness, experience wildlife encounters on a National Geographic scale all while constantly learning something new everyday. Follow along on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Join us!


Meet The Crew



An electrical engineer by trade Mac now after several years of boat ownership has evolved into a "jack of all trades". Loves coffee and a good project and the combination of the two produces results! He also has a knack for always seeming to figure out the most perplexing of problems which is extremely helpful living aboard a sailboat with it's many systems.



Curious and eager to learn new things Jenny is usually found at the helm or with a fishing rod in hand. She loves figuring out navigation and logistics to the next destination. With a pharmacy and science background she is always exploring the natural world and never misses a chance to open up a fish belly to discover what they've been feasting on or figuring out how to cook up a dish using sea beans gathered from shore.



Lover of balls, frisbees, sticks, pinecones, really anything that you're willing to toss for her. Always eager for the next shore adventure Disco keeps us fit and on our toes. Her athleticism suits boat life as she gets up and down the from the dinghy and cockpit with ease. She is extremely loyal and has boundless energy. She is affectionately referred to as our little honey badger. 



Maya is a 1980 Alberg 37 foot sloop rigged full keel sailboat. We purchased her in 2017 in Seattle and brought her to Anacortes, WA which has been home base for the past few years. The previous owner did multiple upgrades before we purchased her and we have continued with the refit since then. For more details on those upgrades click the link below. 

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